Work Visas

CIMA LAW we can advise and guide you on your Visa application. There are several types of visa, the most common are:

E1 / E2 entrepreneurs, an indispensable requirement to have about $ 200,000 in your bank account to invest in a new business or if they become the owners of 51% of an existing business owned by a US citizen.

L1 for managers or owners of foreign companies well established to open a branch of the same company in the United States.

H1B and H2B visas, These visas are given to workers so they can come to the United States under the patronage of a company, to work exclusively for the employer. You have the right to remain temporarily in the United States during the validity of the visa.

H1B Visas are awarded to professional employees with a college degree for a “specialized occupation” offered.

H2B Visas are awarded to seasonal employees who do not have a high school education. H1B visas usually have a validity of 3 to 6 years with annual renewal, whereas H2B visas are always granted for less than one year.

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